Starting with the main question (How can we, as designers, contribute to increase and stimulate awareness of healthy food for young children (aged 4-8 years)?) in the first half of the semester, the students looked into possible, sensible solutions to make young children aware of healthy food. Children are often exposed and challenged to make choices that are food related in all kinds of environments: at home, at school, and in public areas. Solutions the students came up with varied from products to services and orchestrating an event.The aim of the second part of the project was to organize an exhibition for these children to improve their awareness of food. 

In a design pitch, ten ideas of installations were selected by a jury. These ideas were developed by the students in groups and were exposed from January 15 until 17, 2013Children from group 4 and 5 (aged 6 until 9) from different elementary schools in Eindhoven were invited to come to the temporary exhibition in which these children learnt about healthy food through different designs and activities.More than 60 children visited Food for Fun. It was an event for all senses and in an active and playful way the young children could experience all the beautiful aspects of food.

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