The Keep An Eye Grant The Keep An Eye Grant is an annual incentive amounting to EUR 11,000 each for four recent graduates from DAE. The prize is awarded to students whose product development shows the highest social relevance, on the assumption that they will hold onto this relevance, and with it, to this ethical attitude in their future professional careers. The judges for the grant are all professionals from the creative industry and DAE alumni.

Keep An Eye Foundation
The Keep An Eye Foundation supports young artists and creatives studying in the Netherlands to help them realise their ideas. The Foundation’s motivation for its efforts lies in its belief that any form of art, or any creative effort, is important to a person. The importance lies not so much in the enjoyment of the effort, but in the expression of the self; the ‘presentation’ of the entire self and its creative powers in an image and/or sound. The foundation consists of a group of private sponsors who not only value the students’ work, but who also want to offer them personal support in their next step towards a professional career. The foundation supports students by offering sustained collaborations (at least 3 years) to leading schools and academies. Collaborations in the shape of competitions and festivals organised by Keep An Eye and/or allocating financial support. The Keep An Eye Foundation selects its own causes and monitors the projects from start to finish.

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